Occasional Wednesday Salon

The Academy of Quilting class I’m taking from Elizabeth Barton has me looking at websites of artists who are new to me, and that’s a good thing.  One discovery has been Karin Franzen, whose work combines biology and art.

She’s a long time Alaska resident who has been doing art quilts since 2003. She began making art quilts as a result of a chance encounter with a book of Ruth McDowell’s work.

Most of her subjects are birds, including eagles and sandhill cranes.  As you can see below, her work is representational.  Apparently she hand dyes silk organza to use in her backgrounds and for shadow effects. I gather she creates overlays of fabric with that organza, rather than using batting and quilting.  I guess her work could more accurately be called hangings. You can learn more about her techniques here.

I love her work because, while it’s realistic, it’s also dynamic, breaking through the barrier of the borders in interesting ways.

Waiting Out Winter Karin FranzenWaiting Out Winter

SONY DSCPirouette

At Home In High Places Karin FranzenAt Home In High Places

ATimeToDance Karin FranzenA Time To Dance

Her website has stopped working so I can’t direct you there.  I suspect you’re surprised that Franzen’s work appeals to me.  I’d never do work like hers, but I’m astounded by her use of fabric to create works of art.  My first thought on seeing her work was most certainly not “what a great quilt,” but “what great art.”


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2 responses to “Occasional Wednesday Salon

  1. jennyklyon

    Wow, I see why you like her work-I had not seen her work before. Thank you for sharing!

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