A Must-See In San Diego

Through the randomness of Pinterest I stumbled on a wonderful quilt collection. A scrappy, very spontaneous quilt caught my eye as I looked over the boards I follow.  It’s classed as a wonky string lantern top.

string wonky lantern Nickols collection 2012-35-248_001Clicking through to the original website brought me to the Mingei International Museum and the quilt collection donated by Pat Nickols.   You can see all 350 quilts online.  My eyes were out on stalks as I wallowed in the scrappy, make-do wonderfulness of these works of art. Image loading was a bit slow, but that could have been my internet connection. If you click on a small image you can see a larger picture of the quilt and details.

Local collectors Pat and Tom Nickols donated the quilts to this museum in 2012. “Over the last thirty years, Pat Nickols amassed a wondrous collection of mostly American quilts; a quilt and fabric historian, her knowledge of this important genre of American folk art is boundless. The collection is comprised of traditional quilts made from the early 1800s to the 1950s, gathered from many parts of the United States. It includes excellent examples of many types of quilts including Log Cabin, Charm, String and Signature quilts, and quilts made with feed, flour and sugar sacks.”

Log cabin quilts collected by Pat Nickols are on view through July 3, 2014, at San Diego’s Mingei International Museum.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

log cabin quilt nickols collection 2012-35-139_0011880s string stars top Nickols collection 2012-35-235_001One patch Nickols collection 2012-35-331_001I love the ocean meets the shore effect of this one. And then there’s that one bright yellow square.

Split 9 patch Nickols collection 2012-35-256_001Those yellow triangles just take this top from pastel to bold.


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2 responses to “A Must-See In San Diego

  1. Can’t wait to take a look. Thanks for showing these AMAZING quilts and including the links. Will spend much time on them.

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