Last 2014 Project Quilting Challenge

I’ve slacked off the recent Project Quilting challenges run by Kim at Persimon Dreams, but am getting back in the game for the last challenge of the year – triangles.

I’m a fervent believer in the versatility of the half square triangle, and have a container filled with orphan HSTs to prove it.

half square triangles

And I’m not the only one who extols the virtues of this quilting work horse.  Mel in the Attic just wrote about HSTs, with lovely pictures of different arrangements.

Orphans No More, my 20.5 by 22.5 inch challenge entry, used up about 120 of my HSTs, in sizes ranging from one inch to 2.5 inch finished.  The fun part of pawing over my collection was remembering the quilts they came from.  Some were leftovers from old projects, while others were sewn from cut off block corners and then trimmed to a standard size.  Bonnie Hunter is a big advocate of this approach, and those little squares do build up over time.

Orphans No MoreThe only rule I devised was that I couldn’t make any new HSTs; they all had to come from my container.  In fact, except for the turquoise border and narrow peach strips, everything on the front came from that container.  I have no idea how non triangular bits ended up there, but my guess is I just swept everything off the table top into the bin.

The back is Harriet Hargrave meets Kaffe Fassett. I used the envelope method to join the layers since I thought there were enough different fabrics in this without adding yet another in the binding.

Orphans No More backThe quilting is three large triangles, as well, just to keep the theme going.


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10 responses to “Last 2014 Project Quilting Challenge

  1. Love this – and it’s great how they all came together. It’s scrappy yet looks like they were “meant to be” together! Awesome work!

  2. Love your project. Glad to meet someone else in the it’s-all-useful camp.

    • And I love your crumbs. I think the real issue with holding on to scraps is to get them used up before you die. That way your loved ones will be spared the horrible thought that you were a bit crazy for filling all those boxes with “trash.”

  3. so wonderful! i love scraps for the same reason – remembering what I used the ‘original’ fabric from! Thanks for joining in the PQ fun! Where are you creating?

  4. Trish Frankland

    Nice project – I’ve been collecting triangles too, with no end in sight (and I still didn’t use them for this teehee). I love what you did with this!

  5. Thanks for the linky love! I love projects that use up leftovers and scraps!

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