Going Batty

After years of fealty to whatever quilt batting I could buy on sale at JoAnn’s, I’ve become a batting snob.  The big box store batting I’ve bought lately has felt cardboardy.  It didn’t have the suppleness I expected.

batting shelvesFor fusible batting I’ve been buying Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 fusible cotton blend by the yard at a local quilt shop.  It had been recommended by the shop owner who uses it in her quilts.  Recently I ran out of this, and bought some Fusi-boo (cotton/bamboo/some other stuff fusible) from JoAnn’s as I didn’t have time to drive to the shop.  Bad choice!  The Fusi-boo was very stiff (all fusible batting is stiffer than regular due to the resin), far stiffer than I remembered the product being in the past.  I don’t know if the product specs had been changed or if I had simply become spoiled by the Hobbs product, but I’m not buying any more Fusi-boo.

My new batting love is Quilters Dream request (the lowest loft stuff) poly.  It drapes and sews like a dream in my wall hangings.  Of course, it won’t give you a crinkly finish when washed, being polyester. This really isn’t an issue for many of my wall hangings. I haven’t yet tried Quilters Dream cotton, but I’m looking forward to it.  And I saw the company now has a fusible batting called Dream Fusion.

If I were making a bed quilt I’d give serious consideration to wool batting.  It’s very light and warmer than cotton, and sews beautifully.  Also, it helps prevent wrinkles in quilts, a plus if you fold or mail your quilts off to shows. Of course, it costs more, but if you’re putting hours of work into a quilt I don’t think you should worry about saving a few bucks on the batting.


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2 responses to “Going Batty

  1. I completely agree. Fusi Boo was a complete mistake. The stiffness is still there and I remember the stitching was no picnic either. I bought it because my JoAnn’s does not carry my preferred Quilter’s Request Batting and I thought I’d expenad my horizons a bit. I wll try their wool batting as I’ve heard it is so easy to hand quilt and washes very well. Take care, Byrd

    • I’ve been caught out by changes (not for the better) in batting products that I used to buy. And Joann’s has stopped carrying some brands that I had depended on, like Hobbs Heirloom. My one use of wool batting was very positive, though it turned out I had accidentally used it double! It was for a baby blanket so it was extra cushy.

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