Love Those Details

A big part of what draws me to a quilt is the telling detail.  Some quilts look great from across the room but closer inspection adds little to the viewing experience.  In fact, the impact may get lost up close. Other quilts shine only when viewed from 12 inches away.  I especially love quilts that work at both distances. And that’s where those details come in.

Here are some details that grabbed me at the 2014 Lake Farmpark Quilt Show.

Posey_Pot_Karen_AuerPosey Pot by Karen Auer, with big stitch quilting to accent the shapes. The stitches echo the squares in the background fabric, and give oomph to the blossoms.

For_the_Love_of_Trees_detail_Shirley_TchouDetail from For The Love of Trees (Best of Show winner) by Shirley Tchou. The leaves are done in silk ribbon and the mallards add charm.

Free_Expression_Diane_WantzFree Expression by Diane Wantz has a great hanging “sleeve.”

detail Scruffy by Sharon MarkovicDetail from Scruffy by Sharon Markovic, done with Zentangle style drawing and commercial fabric.

Made_Fabric_#1_Janis_Orlando (2) detailMade Fabric #1 (Janis Orlando) detail, showing the beading that adds richness to the blocks.

Happiness_detailHappiness Clouded Up (Nelly Vilkeilis) detail, with fabric scrap bundles trapped under netting and held in place with stitching.

quilt_backAs I was leaving the show, this improv quilt back caught my eye and camera.  Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph the front, and don’t know the name of the maker. I was glad the piece was hung so you could see both sides. I wonder if there were more quilts whose backs should have been on display as well.

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