2014 Lake Farmpark Quilt Show

Two friends and I trekked up to snowy Lake County, Ohio, for the annual quilt show sponsored by the county park district.  We also did a cool workshop on screen free silkscreen printing, but that’s another topic.

Overall, the show’s entries showed consistent good workmanship and a certain timelessness.  There were the usual Judy Niemeyer paper pieced quilts (she must have given several classes in the area) and many quilts made from patterns.  However, I noted some crossover techniques from art quilting on traditional quilts and an opening up of color use.  I don’t know if the latter reflects the influence of the modern quilting movement.  There were no quilts on display that I would call modern.  A few used modern type fabrics, but that was about it.

My personal favorites were the quilts made about something meaningful to their creators – memory of a vacation, important events for a grandchild, and the like; plus scrappy quilts.

Oahu_at_Daybreak_Lin_McQuistonOahu at Daybreak commemorates a family vacation. I like that it doesn’t try to replicate a photo, but rather recalls a mood or feeling.

Simplify-Use_It_Up_Leslie_RozumSimplify-Use It Up by Leslie Rozum. All the very traditional fabrics come from her scraps.  She did a great job of controlling the values.


Here’s one panel from Abbey Grows Up by Kathy Hancock.  It commemorates Abbey’s devotion to Barney. I never saw Barney in purple corduroy before. Each panel was designed by Hancock.

Trail_Mix_Anne_SchmidtTrail Mix by Schmidt really reminds me of a Mary Ellen Hopkins quilt.  I like the scrappiness and the diagonal lines.

Hexagons_Cubed_Dianne_YoungThis quilt by Dianne Young had a modern feel.  Certainly the cool red/blue color scheme is popular in many modern fabric lines.

There_Goes_The_Neighborhood_Dianne_YoungThere Goes The Neighborhood by Dianne Young (again!) uses a modern fabric line.  It was one of the few humorous quilts, with the one wonky house in the middle.

Black_Background_#3_Betty_OboczkyBlack Background #3 by Betty Oboczky takes full advantage of some Paula Nadelstern fabric in a medallion on-point setting.

I’ll be writing more about this show in future posts.  As a friend said, what made the show interesting was the broad range of quilts entered – red work, paper piecing, applique, fabric painting, raw edges, improv, embellishment, and more were all on display. In fact, everything except modern style quilts.


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6 responses to “2014 Lake Farmpark Quilt Show

  1. Reading some of the modern quilt boards and comments by some of the modern quilters (note I’m saying “some” not meaning “most” or “all”) have been very dismissive of traditional quilting and this may be one reason they stick to “their own” groups. I know that the reverse is often true as well. One of our local guilds opened up space to the fledgling modern guild for display. It was rather disappointing, because so many of the quilts were poorly made, badly designed, and sloppily finished. The well-made quilts stood out and were well received. This wasn’t a juried show, by the way, and some of the more traditional quilts had the same failings. We won’t even get into what a few people thought were “art” quilts. I do wish that we could all agree that good workmanship, in whatever genre of quilting, is important!

    • I think both “camps” have something to learn from each other. Unfortunately, I fear that the different ways each group communicates (electronic vs. F2F) may make cross fertilization difficult.

  2. Perhaps modern quilters need to start entering the show?

    • I did wonder why modern quilters hadn’t entered and thought up a few possibilities. They may not be part of the network that receives news about this show; they may feel their quilts are meant for use, not display. I know there are MQGs in northeast Ohio. My modern quilting acquaintances don’t seem interested in entering quilt shows. They’re much more likely to post their creations on Instagram.

  3. I enjoyed your post and was up at Farmpark this past weekend They had a nice variety of quilts, but you are right, no modern quilts. If you are interested in seeing my post about the show, here is the link:

    • Thanks for the link to your post on the show. I just love how different quilts speak to different people. Many of the ones you featured had a personal connection for you. I did like that cats one, too, but somehow didn’t take a photo of it.

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