This Candy Won’t Rot Your Teeth

I’ve continued with the Project Quilting challenge, which has a candy theme this week.  My sweet treat for this challenge is Necco Wafers.  They were my reward for being quiet in church when I was very young.  They lasted a long time if you ate each piece individually, they weren’t messy, and they were my version of communion wafers.

Necco wafer photoAs I’m not really a candy person I wouldn’t have done this challenge if I hadn’t wanted to try a new (to me) technique.  Oh, I enjoy fine dark chocolate and eat Twizzlers when my dark side comes out, but a month without candy is no big deal for me.

When I read Lucie Summers’ Quilt Improv I realized I had never made a chevron quilt.  Her method, based on Seminole piecing, seemed quick and scrap friendly.  So, I decided that strips of chalky pastel solid type fabrics would look like stacked Necco wafers and I started creating chevrons.

Chevrons in processAfter one attempt at a border didn’t work out, I decided to create a pillow with a flange and back in the blue and red-orange colors of the candy’s wrapper.

Necco Wafers trialI think the partial circles and sharp angles of the chevrons fight each other.

Necco Wafers

Here’s the finished pillow, which awaits a pillow form. I made a button closure on the red-orange back.

Necco Wafers back


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5 responses to “This Candy Won’t Rot Your Teeth

  1. Good call on the circles. Love the finished pillow and the colors are divine!

    • I decided I need to start posting my equivalent of “Glamour Don’ts” as I think there’s lots to be learned from mistakes. It may be a bit hard on my ego, but I’m a big girl.

  2. Yes, the circles fight the chevrons. If both were part of a bigger piece and related to each other and other motifs/shapes in the whole, they could work well.

    I think you captured the Necco inspiration well. Those aren’t a candy I ate as a child, but I certainly do have other memories of them.

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