No Steam, No Problem

I have a love/hate relationship with irons.  To start with, I’m left handed, which causes some issues with the cord on many models.  Then, there’s that pesky automatic off feature that makes sure the iron is cool each time I want to press a new seam.  And, as an iron ages, it becomes incontinent, spewing up rusty water all over my light color quilts.

I thought I had solved my problems when I purchased a Black and Decker moderately priced ($40) steam iron.  My problems were indeed solved, for a year.  A few weeks ago the steam dial stopped working.  The iron heated up just fine, but couldn’t deliver steam.  Fortunately, the iron had a 2 year warranty and I had saved my receipt, so I fired off an e-mail complaint to Black and Decker’s customer service.  Three days later I heard back and, after providing more details, was told they would replace my iron after I mailed them the cord from my old iron.  I gather this was to ensure I was not scamming them out of a new iron. I did have to pay a shipping charge.

I mailed the cord on a Friday and on Thursday of the next week received the replacement.  To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement.  Prompt, efficient service without pleas and rants is a rarity.

So, kudos to Black and Decker’s customer service. Now I can stop using our backup iron with its iffy cord.  You have to hold it a certain way for the iron to heat up. My husband thought he could fix it, but found that the screw needed some special type of screwdriver – proprietary, no doubt.


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4 responses to “No Steam, No Problem

  1. Bree

    To funny, I was so frustrated with cords that I broke down a year ago and got the Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless. It was pricy but I love not having a cord to deal with!

  2. Good luck with your new iron. I have noticed mine is becoming drippy a little more often than I’d like. Usually when I clean it, it takes care of the problem for a while. But I just cleaned it this week, and last night it was peeing on my fabric.

    It’s a Sunbeam, cheap at about $22, bought 3.5 years ago. It replaced an expensive Rowenta that was incontinent most of its life and finally crapped out on me completely, leaving me in a panic. So if this cheap Sunbeam dies or its bladder gives out completely, I’ll buy another cheap replacement. I’ve been very happy with it until recently, when my happiness has dimmed a little.

    Yesterday I worked on a quilt back for a pretty, mock-Amish baby quilt. The back is pieced. I’m not thrilled with pieced backs. I think that is another blog post…

    • I grew up using a Sunbeam iron that lasted at least 15 years, but then that company was destroyed by Chainsaw Al. The Rowentas do seem to have quality control issues, which I think is inexcusable given their cost.

      Sorry piecing a back isn’t working out for you. I do it mostly when I don’t have enough fabric for one piece or when I have lots of bits left over from the top.

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