Upscale Challenge Done

I actually finished my Project Quilting challenge entry early, but then I had run out of upscalable materials to use. It finished up at about 13 by 20 inches.

Brillig2As I mentioned earlier, I’ve called this Slithy Toves in Brillig as a tribute to Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky nonsense poem. (One of his other famous nonsense poems is The Hunting of the Snark.)  I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.

The base is a dyed old tablecloth that was painted with circles (tove eggs) and layered with used laundry color catchers (the wabe) and strips of mylar (gestation chambers.) The plain triangular toves are the juveniles, while the larger, more colorful triangles with tails (bits of old jewelry and crinkled paper strips) are the newly emerged mature (called slithy) toves.  And the hatching process is called brillig.  I’m sure that answers all your questions about this piece, and my sanity.

Here’s a link to all the challenge entries.  You can vote for your four favorites until 9 p.m., CST, Friday, January 31.


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4 responses to “Upscale Challenge Done

  1. mm… yes, I know enough about your sanity! 😉

  2. jennyklyon

    Fabulous-and I voted!

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