The Incredible Shrinking Quilt

No, it didn’t shrink in the washer or dryer, but at its conception.  I began with a design I liked from Zen Chic and developed a freezer paper piecing pattern for it.

prism Knowing I had only one yard of my background fabric I drew blocks that would finish at five inches.


I laid out the rough cut fabrics to make sure my design would work out.  When I’m doing freezer paper piecing with angled pieces I like to precut the shapes to make sure I have the whole area covered.

I knew my quilt would be smaller than the original which looks like it’s at least four feet tall, but that was OK. I don’t have that that large an expanse of uninterrupted wall.


Once I started rough cutting the gray background fabric I realized the angles of the pieces were using up more of the fabric than I had anticipated. An internet search didn’t turn up any more of that 2011 fabric, so my options narrowed to just one – make fewer blocks.  And that meant a smaller quilt.

At that point I felt like the guys in Spinal Tap who had measurement difficulties with their Stonehenge stage prop.  There’s a big difference between inches and feet.

this_is_spinal_tap_mini_stonehengeSo here’s what I could make with the amount of fabric I had.  Unfortunately, any increase in this design requires a lot more blocks to complete a diamond so I couldn’t eke out what little I had. I still have plenty of the fabric for the diamond edges, and may well use the gray circle on white background fabric at the top and bottom to increase the top’s size.


No one can say my quilting process isn’t full of suspense.


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4 responses to “The Incredible Shrinking Quilt

  1. Sandy

    My creative process is so very similar to yours. Start out with a pile of fabric, with a vague idea of where I’m going, then start cutting, sewing, and hope for the best.
    Great job, love the pattern. I you want it bigger, you’ve probably got something in your stash that will put a great border on the piece. Just hang it on your design wall and look at it for a couple of days.

    • Thank Zen Chic for the design. I just muddled together a paper piecing pattern for it. This quilt was planned compared to the blocks I’m working on now – sewing together fabric scraps grouped by color. But the design is the best part of quilting, IMO. I think I’ll put strips of fabric on the top and bottom of this piece to unsquare it.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous and you are hilarious! Quilting is suspenseful, for sure . . . take care, Byrd

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