About That Fabric

At the beginning of 2013 I had resolved to use some fabric that had been aging in my closet for some time.  How did I do?

old-fabricI think I’ll adopt the “we use no fabric before its time” slogan.  Starting from the right, I’ve made no progress on using this African type fabric.  I had hoped to merge it with African wax batik prints, but that was a disaster. Maybe it would make a good backing.

The next fabric, the scratched up looking one, has been used twice, though I still have some of the yard left.  It goes well with solids and modern designs, and works in big pieces or really cut up. Here it is in Boxed Up.


The blue fabric is still a favorite, and a bit has been used with other blue prints, but a big hunk remains.  You can see it below in Blue Hexies. When I bought it around 2006 I had thought it would make a good border, but since I make few quilts any more with a recognizable border I think that plan’s out.

blue hexies

I actually have a plan for the black/cream/taupe leaf print on the left.  I found other fabrics that seem to work with it, and have picked out a Zen Chic quilt design I hope to make from a photo. (Warning: bad music alert.)

So, here’s my fabric challenge for 2014.  I really like all of these, which is why I can’t bring myself to cut them up.

old_fabricFrom the left, a batik type fabric I bought at NQA about 7 years ago; Martha Negley twigs fabric; some delightfully weird fabric called Migratory Lace by someone whose name I don’t recall; and some Jane Sassaman fabric. Please note, no flowers on any of this.

Only the batik fabric qualifies as old. I’ve been waiting for a project where I could use that border, which is on both edges.  The others are fabrics that don’t even make it out of the drawer when I’m selecting fabric for a new project. The aqua in the Martha Negley doesn’t play well with any similar colors in my stash.  I love the Jane Sassaman leaves but haven’t been able to figure out how to use their color gradations. And I want to be able to use a large enough piece of the weird fabric to show off those curves.

I’ll let you know how I do this time next year.

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