Quilt Like It’s 2003

I realize that Ricky Tims’ convergence quilts are ancient history.  Ricky has gone on to become a star of his own show, occasionally tossing off quilts that win prizes at the Houston show.

However, when the book Convergence Quilts was published in 2003 I was unaware of it.  That year my energies were directed to a cross-country move with the resulting real estate and new school headaches.  Besides, in 2003 I was lucky to finish a quilt a year.

Ten years later I ran across a photo of a convergence quilt and thought, what a great way to use that yard of fabric with the big red, green and blue blobs. God knows it wasn’t getting any better looking in my closet.

convergence_fabricI borrowed the book through my local library system.  In the usual way of libraries, the label was not placed aesthetically.convergence_bookThe book’s instructions are blessedly clear, though you can’t skip any steps.  I chose the simplest configuration since the others call for more than one piece of fabric.

After the first round of cutting, sewing and shuffling I thought it had potential.

Convergence_step1Then I finished the next step.

convergenceI didn’t bother to complete the sequence of strips as the two remaining strips were practically all green.  Those little intersection pieces simply weren’t visible. So, the pieces go into the maybe-I’ll-do-something-with-this-someday drawer.  Parts of the created fabric are intriguing and would be great in a landscape quilt.

I’m not too discouraged as I liked just a few of the convergence quilts I found on Google images.  Ones made with hand dyed fabric appealed to me most. Here’s one that appealed to me.

JoyHarmonicConv2007I found it at Joy’s Fabrics and Quilts.


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3 responses to “Quilt Like It’s 2003

  1. Janey Crook

    I have just bought Riky Tims books and since it is a snowy, blustry and pretty revolting out I thought that I would try one.

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