Deck the Halls and Tables

Despite my forays into art/contemporary quilt territory, I do hold one merit badge of traditional quilting – I’ve made some winter holiday themed quilted items. While they have no santas, snowmen, reindeer, elves, angels, etc., on them, they are red and green. As a friend noted the other night in a holiday crowd replete with Christmas sweaters, I was wearing seasonally festive colors. They were just in an abstract pattern.

Xmas Boxes is an early attempt at an asymmetrical setting. I won many of the fabrics as a door prize.  I still plan to make a table runner with the three leftover blocks.  My progress this year was to sew those blocks together.

Xmas boxesChristmas Cactus is a paper pieced project from a Peggy Martin book on strip paper piecing.  I like it, though the judges at a quilt show said only that my sewing lines weren’t straight.

Joanna Xmas cactusHowever, this sampler quilt made up of half square triangles is probably the sharpest I’ve ever gotten my points.  I did it as part of an online course in pressing, as distinct from ironing.

press4success2aFinally, there’s the door hanger I made for my mother in law that’s returned to me as part of her estate.

tree_door_hangerI’ll toss these items on tables and over chairs, and once I hang the hand knit stockings my holiday decorating is done. Time to move on to what’s really important – the cookies.


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2 responses to “Deck the Halls and Tables

  1. I really like the wonky log-cabinning quilt! So simple and effective. I love complex stuff, but I often love really simple things just as much. Thanks.

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