Inspiration In My Junk Mail

Just when I think I have my list of upcoming projects all set, some idea comes along and elbows its way past everything on the list.  Last week I was browsing a catalog from the Metropolitan Museum of Art as I ate a sandwich.  I’ve whittled down the number of catalogs I get, but come holiday season some still arrive.

Anyway, as I was wondering who on earth would wear that jewelry, I came across some pictures that screamed “make me into a quilt.”

First, among the cards was Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life. Those triangles could be pieced or machine appliqued over a swirly fabric, and the birds and flowers appliqued.


A few pages further along was this gorgeous Art Deco purse with a ready made modern quilt or quilting motif.

purseThen, in the gauzy, loose fitting stoles and wraps section was this top based on a painting by Sonia Delaunay.


In addition to paintings she designed textiles, clothing, and did stage set design, so her sensibility lends itself to quilt design. Here’s the work by her I really have to find a way to make. How modern is this?


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