Reflections of Nature Quilt Show

On a recent gloomy Sunday a friend and I headed out to the annual Cleveland Metroparks quilt show held at the Rocky River nature preserve.

Rocky_River_OhioThe show’s rules stipulate that all quilts in the show must have some nature related theme, either blindingly obvious or somehow made to relate. There were birds, especially eagles; lots of flowers and leaves; landscapes; and some abstracts.  I was especially taken with several small pieces that used embellishments.

IMG_3442I apologize for not knowing the creator’s name, but I believe rolled up zippers were used to make the flowers.

Point_Betsie_Lighthouse_Denise_DeLucaIn Point Betsie Lighthouse torn fabric strips with raw edges enhance the scene.

Dandelion_Harriet_TreynorDandelion, complete with ladybug, uses frayed cording to wonderfully depict the fluffiness of a gone to seed dandelion. There’s an organza layer and a frame made to look like the wavy edges of an old photo. I just love the black corners that replicate those hinges used in old scrapbooks.

Dandelion_detailBig stitch work is the highlight of Water Lilies.

Water_lilies_Judith_Kessler_SmithIt’s mounted on a board and framed.

Circle_of_Life_Mikel_DuffyCircle of Life throws in the color wheel.  While the photo doesn’t show it, the quilting thread color changes to match the color the stitching links to.

Tina_CrawfordAnd, lest you think I never appreciate cute, here’s a little scene in wool with lots of 3D effects. Again, I’m not sure of the creator’s name but I think it’s by Tina Crawford.

One last comment about this and other quilt shows – I wish someone would develop better portable lighting to show off the work displayed. At many shows the lights are yards above the quilts, and some work is difficult to appreciate fully because of shadows and underlit corners.

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