(Very) Occasional Wednesday Salon

Some quilt artists’ work seems to show up everywhere online, but others, like Linda Levin’s, is less ubiquitous.  It may be she protects her work more (an issue with some shows that will disqualify any work that’s appeared online) or she doesn’t work online social networks.  I haven’t found any mention that she currently teaches, designs fabric lines, or blogs.

She’s been juried into Quilt National at least seven times.  Her artistic statement as given on her website is:

“…I try to capture not a specific scene, but an atmosphere, a mood or a moment.

For me, the tactile qualities of the fabric, the light and shadow created by seams and raw edges and the interplay of colors provide endless opportunities for exploration.”

She dyes and paints the fabrics she uses and says she loves the feel of fabric – a sentiment that’s way better than pretentious statements of intent.  A quick Google search revealed little in the way of personal information or interviews with her.

So here are a few of my favorites by her that I found on her website.  I have no idea when they were created.  Her series pieces are numbered, but there’s no way to tell if they were made the same year or even the same decade.

CityWithFootnotesXIII_medI’m beginning with City with Footnotes XIII because the New York City skyline is a subject Levin uses often. I like the warm colors at the bottom (possibly reflections of fall trees or lighting) leading up to daylight reflected in the glass of the skyscrapers.

Bilbao_II_medBilbao II is much curvier and seems to have been inspired by the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, based on the title and the photo I found of the museum.

CPW_Dawn_medCentral Park West Dawn, another urban scape, is softer than the NYC landscape above.  To me it reflects how Central Park provides breathing room in a densely populated city.

CPW-Fall-II_medCentral Park West Fall II swirls the building grid and turns it into a giant tree.  It’s as if the windows become leaves blown around by the wind.

Frenchmans_Bay_II_medFrenchman’s Bay II is part of Levin’s Maine series.

LindaLevin-12x12_1My final selection is part of Levin’s 12 by 12 series.  I like how the different colors of quilting thread change how I perceive the fabric colors.  It may be that Levin painted over everything after doing the quilting.

What I’ve seen of Levin’s work shows consistency in technique.  I don’t know if her early pieces were more traditional or if there’s been changes in her work over the decades.  I respect her decision about what pieces to show publicly though I’d love to see a retrospective of her work over the decades.

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