Are We There Yet?

tipsy_lampshades_quiltinginprogress2While I love the look of closely spaced quilting lines I’m not wild about the process of creating that look.  This past week I’ve been plowing away at Tipsy Lampshades, which features a shallow Z-shaped set of lines spaced a half inch apart.  Yes, I know folks who do quarter inch or even less spacing, but I like to stay in the realm of the possible. Otherwise, I’d never finish a quilt.

tipsy_lampshades_quiltingOne trick I discovered was to measure out one inch from my last quilting line, place one inch wide masking tape next to the ruler to mark my next stitching lines, sew on each side of the tape, then remove the tape and sew down the middle of the inch wide lane to create stitching lines roughly half inch wide.  My goal was to move the tape less. I tried following the previous stitching line with the edge of my walking foot but gave up on that after going off course.  That led to ripping out 20 rows.

Jacquie Gering has a tutorial on this kind of quilting if you’d like more guidance.

At any rate, Lampshades is now quilted and awaiting binding.  I think I’ll put a wider binding on the top and bottom using the butt edge binding technique.  I used Osnaburg fabric as one of the light solids.  While I love its texture, I found it to be stretchy and linty.  I did starch it, per Jacquie’s suggestion, but all the manipulation of hauling and shoving that 65 inch long quilt under my needle made it go limp.

However, this quilt will remain draped over my bannister until I bind the quilt I’ve entered in an upcoming local show.  And then there’s the two projects up on my design walls…


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4 responses to “Are We There Yet?

  1. I like *less* quilting. The quilting and the REST need to balance well. I think you’ve done that here. 1/4″ quilt spacing focuses on the quilting, not the quilt. Okay, so I just got home after driving 10 hours, so maybe am a little blunt. Point is, YOU did good. Don’t worry about what others do.

  2. Looking good – interesting tip re:- the masking tape, too =)

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