Turkey Lurky

My husband and I returned from a walk to find our new neighbor at our front door.  She was about two feet tall, had a long neck, scaly legs with three big toes, and brown and white feathers.  In other words, a turkey.

wild_turkeysAbout three days ago we noticed a flock of four wild turkeys around our house. We thought they were just passing through but they seem to have taken up residence.  We have a wooded area in back of our house that connects to a utility right of way and a city bike/walking path.  I assume the birds wandered in along that corridor and found the place to their liking.

When the bird saw us approach she walked down our sidewalk in a dignified fashion and then loped down the driveway to the woods.  I guess she wasn’t ready to meet us yet.

The internet informed me that wild turkeys have made a successful comeback in Ohio, and that I can hunt them in the spring and fall.  I just can’t shoot at them if they’re in a tree.  What with the deer, the coyotes, and now the turkeys in our yard I’m considering renting my rear deck to hunters.

As far as turkeys and quilting, well, consider the following block patterns –  turkey in the straw, turkey’s dilemma, and turkey tracks. Then there’s the turkey giblets overall pattern, and turkey red fabric.  Oops, that last turkey refers to the country.


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  1. This sounds just like our house: “We have a wooded area in back of our house that connects to a utility right of way and a city bike/walking path.” And we have the occasional turkeys and more frequent deer both on the path and in our yard. Coyotes yip when ambulances go by a mile from here. But yard birds, including my catbirds, are our nearest neighbors!

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