My Fabric Spree

When some friends and I set off to shop at one of Ohio’s more rural fabric shops I thought that at last I’d be able to do a post about my purchases.  Many other blogs feature the latest purchases (or maybe they’re gifts) of new fabric lines with cool prints.  Then I laid out my purchases and took a good look at them.

fabric_purchasesTalk about dull! Except for the pink, of course.  I had gone to the store with several swatches of fabric I already own that I just couldn’t get my other fabric to play with nicely.  Blues in particular are very choosy about what other blues they’ll get along with.  Too much purple or green in the mix and it’s all over.

It turns out that three of the four blues I bought will go with fabric already in my stash.  The fourth blue from the left is just – off – for some fabric I love but can’t get to go with anything. I’m not a matchy-matchy person but I wince at just misses.

The gray/putty/taupe fabrics will blend well with more assertive fabric I own, and the chartreuse/green fabrics will work with some beloved Jane Sassaman fabric.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember why I bought that pink.


On the off chance you find yourself near Shiloh, Ohio, and want to fabric shop, stop in at Country Fabrics, if you can find it in all those corn fields. Its address has been known to bamboozle car GPSs.  The prices are great and the Amish ladies who work there are efficient and knowledgeable.  I’d be curious to find out what the Amish position is on man made fabrics as the ladies’ dresses seem to be made of polyester.

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  1. You’re right, blues are fussy. The only way you can get them to not care is to use ALL of them, a real blues scrap quilt. I love the pink and would use it with any of the others.

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