This Morning’s To Do List

One of my quirks is that I like to document my achievements.  Ergo, this blog.  But I also love to develop lists and then check off items as I get them done.  For example, this morning’s was:  walk a mile (done by 9 a.m.,), vacuum the stairs (my house has two sets that are carpeted, and both have landings,) and paper piece a lighthouse.

lighthouseI’ve been working on a Carol Doak paper piecing pattern that was left over from a guild sale.  No one wanted it; not even when the price was $0.  So, what is this pattern we couldn’t even give away?  It’s a coastal scene with a mariner’s compass sun, four ships, lots of grasses, and a lighthouse.  While the fabrics shown on the package are dated, I think what really put off folks was the tiny size of some of the pieces. On the other hand, the scene has large blocks of fabric with no piecing.

patternAnd I’ve found a way to cheat by using striped fabric instead of piecing stripes that finish at 1/8 inch. There’s just so much fiddly sewing I can take.

Have I used my seam ripper? Absolutely, especially for angled pieces that I think will cover but don’t.  If you’ve ever paper pieced, you know what I’m talking about.

This isn’t a pattern to take on if you like to see results fast.  I guess the lighthouse took me about fifteen minutes as I used striped fabric, but the ships take a lot longer with up to twenty pieces. Nothing like spending a hour on something that finishes up at 3 by 4 inches. Now that the lighthouse is done I only have to do one more boat and then all the grasses.

small-boatsmall_boat_backI hope to finish it for my guild’s small quilts silent auction in early October.

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