Artful Threads

I’m not a big fan of embroidery.  I find it too fussy and show-offy, too much in love with technique.  And don’t get me started on machine embroidery. However, occasionally I come across some art that just happens to use embroidery as the medium.

Recently, thanks to the guy who cuts my husband’s hair, I became aware of two artists/craftspeople who use hand embroidery to create landscapes – Martha Fieber and Natalia Margulis.  Sidenote: David Norton, my husband’s barber, is a talented creator of landscapes in fused glass who exhibits his work at national craft expositions. Since he knows I’m interested in fiber art, he mentioned these two ladies to my husband to pass on to me.

CloudBank-724x323Cloudbank by Martha Fieber reminds me of the tallgrass prairie in Kansas.

BlueMountainLake-800x320I’d love to use Blue Mountain Lake (Martha Fieber) as a meditation tool. Although Fieber’s website doesn’t give the dimensions of this piece, my guess is it’s 5 inches high and 14 inches long, based on dimensions given for similar work.

Snow_Track_Natalia_MargulisSnow Track by Natalia Margulis shows a somewhat different technique, but again the embroidery is used in service to the image.

home1a_Fine IceFine Ice by Natalia Margulis shows the textures she puts in her work.

All three artists will be at the American Craft Exposition August 23-25 in Evanston, Illinois.

Here’s a piece by David Norton, in case fused glass is your thing.



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6 responses to “Artful Threads

  1. Those are all spectacular! The glass really intrigues me!

  2. Ooo! I love me some threadpainting. Monkia Kinner-Whalen of My Sweet Prairie ( is my favorite, though. :0)

  3. Those pieces are gorgeous. I do love fused glass, though I don’t have anything in that medium. My husband really loved glass in all forms and shapes. The embroidered images are beautiful too. Reminds me a lot of the free-form embroidery I used to do back in the 60s and 70s, though in a different palette! No oranges, hot pinks, and acid greens nowadays. Well, apart from the modern quilts!

    • I’ve been using “big stitch” embroidery on some small pieces, just to add textures. It’s my handwork for when I have to sit around somewhere and wait. Always fun to get comments on my work – usually positive but puzzled.

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