Occasional Wednesday Salon – Marianne Burr

While I had “pinned” pictures of Marianne Burr’s stitch-centric quilts, I was really impressed with her work at Quilt National.  Her artistic statement begins, “My work is a joyful enterprise.”  She works with serious themes, such as the 2011 earthquake in Japan, but she’s not above stitching pompoms around the edge of a quilt, as in Cotton Candy.


She starts with china silk fabric and then paints, dyes, and applies resists; followed by hand applique of silks and hand stitching with silk and cotton threads.  I’m intrigued that she has advanced certificates of design and embroidery from the City and Guilds of London. This is a vocational training center (or centre) of a kind that seems hard to find in this country anymore.  I suspect that textiles and millinery training are more often found in fashion and design institutes in the U.S.

You can catch her work in a dual show with Denyse Schmidt at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, from October 1, 2013, to January 14, 2014.  The show is called Two Approaches: Now and the Future of Quilting.

Enough talk.  Let’s look at some pictures.

At-the-Circus-1At the Circus breaks up the straight outer edges in a natural way, and I love the bite out of the upper right side.

Eleven-3-ElevenEleven-3-Eleven commemorates the date of the Japanese earthquake.

Thru-the-Lens-detailThe detail of Thru The Lens shows the amount of hand stitching that goes into her work.  This is the piece juried into the 2013 Quilt National exhibit.

patchwork-profesionalprojectThis is a shot from a German magazine, Patchwork Professional.  No idea what it says as it’s written in German, but I’m fascinated at the glimpse of how Marianne builds her work.  Looks like she uses a Hera marker and small needles.

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