Goodnight Moon

Partial Eclipse is finally done, after way too much time faffing around with metallic thread that refused to behave, no matter what remedy (new/different needle, looser tension, thread stand, slow stitching, etc.) I tried.  It may simply be the brand of thread didn’t get along with my machine.  When I switched from Wonderfil to Sulky, stitching went much smoother.

partial_eclipse_frontI spent a lot of time going in circles, using this tutorial.  The blue marking pen disappeared with a spritz of water.

partial_eclipse_detail1The spiral was manageable with a walking foot for this 36 inch square quilt, though a larger quilt could be a struggle to turn.

partial_eclipse_backI used up leftover half circles on the back, so I guess I could reverse this if I wanted.

To hold the binding down on the back I used Steam a Seam quarter inch tape I found at the back of a drawer.  I have no idea why I bought it or what I had planned to use it for, but I see using it to hold down bindings on little pieces done up as quickies.

quarter_inch_tapeI don’t know if I like this quilt, but I wanted to complete it before I made up my mind.  Now that it’s done, I still don’t know.  Are you supposed to say that on your blog?


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4 responses to “Goodnight Moon

  1. First of all, it’s your blog and your quilt so you can say whatever you like! I have certainly done more than my share of projects that I was either not happy with, or ambivalent about. From what I see in the pictures, this quilt is very well done, the colors work and the design is interesting. You’re fresh off your struggles with the quilting so that affects your vision!. The brand of thread can make a big difference! There are a couple of brands I just don’t care for and one of them, is the new “big name.”

    • Well, many other quilting bloggers give the impression they love everything they make, but I realize that may be a marketing ploy. I’m big on showing the warts, too. As to threads, I’m coming to believe that some machines just don’t like some brands. For example, I’ve been happy with Aurifil (don’t know if that’s the big name you’re referring to) but I know someone whose machine absolutely balks at the stuff. She’s been happy with the thread sold by Connecting Threads. And yes, tincture of time may revise my opinion of this particular quilt.

  2. You can say whatever you want on your own blog! Do you know what about it you don’t like? Color combination, composition, value contrast… I think it’s striking. Thanks for sharing it.

    • It’s hard to put my finger on what bothers me about this quilt. It may be that it’s in the gray area between symmetrical and asymmetrical. I know I tend to make medallion style quilts without even thinking about it, so I’ve been trying to change that up.

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