Late to the Party

While every other quilter worth his/her modern cred has made a wonky log cabin quilt, I’m finally getting around to one.  I realize this style/technique has been around since, oh, 2008, with a major boost from the Gee’s Bend quilts.

Why so late?  My story is I was waiting for the right fabric, and it finally came along in a group of Dutch wax prints made for the African market.  The large scale print in the center of my wonkies features festive lampshades tilted at rakish angles.  Two coordinating (I use the word loosely) prints in duck weed green, brown, and cyan blue track around the lampshades, separated by an ecru solid and an oatmeal textured print.


I finished off the wonkies with a textured brown print, and plan to set them all in a natural colored Osnaburg cloth.  The exact setting is a work in progress, with inspiration from “Quilting Modern,” what else.


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One response to “Late to the Party

  1. Jo Major Ciolino

    I’ve never made a “wonky” log cabin, I work hard to avoid crooked looking blocks. I don’t think I could do one on purpose! I love those Dutch wax prints, I made a tote bag put of a trio and it is gorgeous. Great job!

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