Use Your Words

That’s the advice adults give to toddlers.  Quilters have taken this advice to heart and like to add words to their quilts.  Some, like Elizabeth Hartman, even break it down to just the letters.  And of course fabric printed with words is currently popular.

Even I caught the word fabric bug and bought a bit of Moda Noteworthy fabric.

Moda_Noteworthy_FabricI decided to combine it with “inspirational” words I had stenciled onto bits of old linen with Paintstiks.  Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m not the kind of person who enjoys those plaques emblazoned with words like Enjoy!, Breathe!, and Live! I hope I’m not yet at the point where I need a reminder to breathe. Yet I have stencils that say imagine, create, and dream.  No idea where they came from.


Anyway, I combined the stenciled words with strips of green scraps and then cut curved strips of alternating Moda fabric and my custom fabric.  The resulting 16 inch square seemed destined for a pillow, so I didn’t fight it.  A quick review of this SewMamaSew tutorial on zipper installation helped me add a zipper with a snazzy flap.


I am worried, though, about the slippery slope to cuteness.  What’s next for me, angels?


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5 responses to “Use Your Words

  1. Judy

    I love it. I always love your work, And I love that bitty bird fabric. Just think, after the angels could come hearts,,, then bunnies…

  2. As a general rule I don’t like words on quilts–yours is adorable, though, and I might be tempted if I,you know, happened to find that I had stencils for words around here. My stencils run more to weeping willows and Mackintosh roses!

    • Sounds like a rummage through your stencil collection is in order. I found I even have butterflies in mine. I think they all came from a guild swap.

      • LOL! The quilt that just got finished yesterday is quilted in a pattern of butterflies…now working on one that’s quilted in a jigsaw puzzle pattern which is much more “me!”

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