The Birds and the Beasts Were There

I’m recovering from a day at the annual National Quilting Association show where, according to a fellow visitor’s pedometer, I walked a mere three-quarters of a mile.  However, I put a lot more mileage on my brain as I took in all the quilts.

The show’s PR boasted that over 700 quilts were on exhibit and the quality of almost all of them was good, at a minimum.  As to trends, crystals seem to have made a comeback, floral applique is thriving, and the number of landscape/pictorial quilts is increasing.  This isn’t a show to view modern quilts; there may have been 5 or 6 on display that could be called modern.

Entrants seemed eager for bragging rights as to which quilt had the largest number of crystals.  I think one entrant claimed 5,000 for her quilt.  Personally, I think you can have too many sparkles.  The most effective quilts with crystals used them judiciously.


And my mind became numb to all the appliqued quilts, mostly florals.  One multi-ribbon winning one by Sharon Schamber was incredibly baroque.

Sharon SchamberAs I gawked at all the quilts I began to see a common theme – besides all the flowers. Quilters really like to include animals in their work. So, I took pictures of the quilted critters in addition to the entire quilts. Here are some of the birds I spied. I’ll feature the beasts in another post.

blue heronparrotrob roy roosterscissortailtoucan

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