Nobody Here But Us Chickens

My mother in law passed away last fall, and the family has been disposing of her belongings over the past several months.  Because we’re looking at downsizing our household over the next few years, my husband elected to take only one piece of his mother’s furniture, a secretary desk.

Then he started to think he might want the chair that was used with the desk.  So, we arranged to pick up the chair at a recent family reunion (we live 4 hours away from my MIL’s place.) As we left the reunion my sister in law, who’s done much of the clearing out of my MIL’s effects, said she had put a package for me in our car.

When we arrived home at midnight we hauled the chair and the package into the house.  And, yes, this is where the chickens come in.  Here’s the contents of that package.


Now, my sister in law knows full well that I’m not a geegaw person so these birds are a white elephant joke gift.  They used to reside on top of my MIL’s refrigerator, the icing on the cake of a kitchen so jam packed with tchlotkes that you were hard pressed to find a square six inches of available counter space among the birdhouse cookie jar, the matching bird shaped salt and pepper shakers, the toaster, the cereal boxes, the mostly unused large coffee maker, the phone books, the inspirational plaques, etc.  I’ve put them out to pasture on my screen porch.

It turns out the last laugh may be on my sister in law.  I looked up the name on the bottom of one of the white roosters and found these guys were made in the 1940s and are being offered by online sellers for $20 to $40. And that could buy some chicken feed or fabric and thread.

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  1. Ann

    That’s really funny (both the “present” from the s-i-l, and the value), but I think they look good there & are a cute reminder of your m-i-l. Just be sure that everyone knows they have some value so that they’re not just dumped in a box for Goodwill in a few years time.

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