Occasional Wednesday Salon

Purposeless browsing on Pinterest led me to Uta Lenk, a German cloth dyer and art quilter.  I followed the trail of this quilt to her website.

Linienspiel_XVI_Uta_LenkWhy this quilt?  One of my back-of-the-brain project ideas involves arcs and circles.  When I saw this picture I realized that Lenk had already developed my vague idea with dancing arcs and curving lines that look like ribbon unspooling. It’s part of her large Play of Lines series.  Here are some of her other works that caught my eye.  It looks like she uses her own hand dyes. She sells her dyed fabric on her website, but all the information is in German, a language I don’t know.  Well, I do know the German for bra.  It’s bustenhalter.

linienspiel_XXV_Uta_LenkLinienspiel_XIVMuch as I enjoyed looking at Lenk’s gallery of work, what really wowed me was her blog.  It’s filled with her photos of possible inspiration.  Check out her photos of boat lines reflected in water, or these of what she calls found art.

Foundart2_Uta_LenkFoundart1_Uta_LenkApparently Lenk was introduced to quilting when she was an exchange student to the U.S.  She moved gradually from traditional quilting to art and contemporary quilting.  Now she quilts full time and teaches, though you’ll need to go to Germany to attend one of her classes.

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