Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

At a recent modern quilt guild meeting there was talk about difficulties in finding the next quilting project.  One person likened it to being on the final pages of a book and having nothing else waiting to read.  I was dumbstruck as this isn’t a problem I have. In fact, I suffer from project ADD – too many projects going at one time.

Right now I’m fussing with a half circles project on my design wall that was inspired by this photo from the Empire Quilt Guild. I found the photo through that mega time sink Pinterest.

half circles-Empire quilt guild

Then, there’s various in person and online quilt challenges, block exchanges, and mystery quilts. One of my guilds is doing a two color 12 by 12 challenge.  I don’t have any of the details yet, but I’ve got my paint chips (the source we’re to use for the two colors) and have already done one run through my stash for matching fabric.  Funny that the pieces I pulled are the two florals I own.


I still hope to make something modern with the African wax batik fat quarters I bought last year in Nova Scotia.  That source is not as far fetched as it may sound.  There’s a group of black quilters in Nova Scotia and I was at Canada’s major quilt show. Anyway, I’ve been toying with large, wonky blocks surrounded with solids for this one.  Some of the quilts in “Quilting Modern” (yes, I do use that book a lot) are possible inspirations.

Then, there are photos from trips close to home and far away that spark ideas for colors and/or design.  I recently saw the Bethesda Arcade in Central Park and loved all the recurring arches and squares.  The group photographed below calls itself Tribal Baroque. They combine classical music and Native American and Tibetan chants; and play violins, whirl tops (I’m sure there’s a correct name for them) and jiggle leg bells.


And tickling the back of my brain is a vague scene of moonlight on clouds tangled in bare tree branches. This idea came from the view out my kitchen window one night just before the trees leafed out.  I even have some fabric scraps that are just perfect for this, thanks to Vicki Welsh.

I’ve started a Pinterest board of potential sources of inspiration – quilts, animals, landscapes, even hunks of rocks.  So yeah, getting ideas isn’t my problem; developing them is.


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2 responses to “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

  1. So many places and ideas for inspirations! I started a notebook of ideas but it quickly became over-full. I think part of my problem is that I have a wide range of interests–I love Modern, but I also love some of the 30s fabrics and patterns; I have a special feeling for some of the historical quilts, too–an abiding interest in the Civil War, and then in the textile manufacturing on the East Coast (family connection there), plus a love of bright colors and patterns and… Well, you can see where this is going. I need to spend more time quiltmaking and less time on the internet!

    • Maybe we need a special place for armchair quilters. I know one woman who belongs to a quilt guild, owns a very nice sewing machine and even a longarm machine, but has never been known to make a quilt.

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