Happy Birthday, Little Brother

Since today is my brother’s birthday I’m showing three of the four quilts I’ve made for him over the years.  I don’t dare make him any more, but the ones I’ve already given him are hanging in his house. (I checked when I visited him last weekend.)

grays“Grays” was my attempt to use colors that wouldn’t trigger a guy’s puke reflex. To really man it up I used a snakeskin pattern fabric for the binding.

joelsquilt2006This medallion type wall hanging, done in 2006, is the last quilt I made for him.  I e-mailed photos of its construction to my brother to make sure he liked the colors, design, etc.  I had a more elaborate border planned but it didn’t suit him.  The colors were chosen to go with his bedroom walls.  It looks good hanging there.

adventuresinparadise“Adventures in Paradise” commemorated a sailing trip my brother took in the South Pacific.  I think he finds it too pink (what other color can you use for tropical sunsets?) but he  has it displayed in his home office.

The fourth, and earliest, quilt I made for my brother was done pre-digital cameras. When I saw it last weekend I cringed when I examined its construction – the inner border is a double line of 1.5 inch squares and THEY DON’T LINE UP.  And the polyester batting I used is bearding like crazy. Yet I like the design so I hope he squints a little when he looks at it so those numerous imperfections get lost.

My gift to him this year was tickets to a Broadway show called “Old Hats.”  We both laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and his voice became hoarse.  It’s not really a play, but a combination of skits, songs, and clowning; starring Bill Irwin and David Shiner.  I highly recommend it.

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