But I Don’t Like Brown

Every quilter has colors she’s instinctively drawn to or tends to avoid.  It takes considerable effort of will for me to work with beiges, greens, and browns. I love them outdoors but not in my quilts.  I’ve been forcing myself to use more greens, or at least buy more green fabric.  I do have a collection of neutral fabric awaiting my future low volume quilt. Please don’t ask when work on that will start.  So, that leaves brown.

I don’t mind reddish brown or purple brown or even gray brown when used sparingly, but until recently I haven’t even owned brown brown fabric.  That changed when I found two brown fabrics on sale for $3 a yard, and my penny pinching triumphed over my aversion to brown.  One of the browns is part of the grunge line, which I always buy whenever I find it in a color I don’t already have.  The other could be interpreted as a stripe, and I love stripes.

That stripey fabric found its way into a table runner that evolved from a demo I did on cutting and sewing pods a la “Quilting Modern.” Of course the stripes gave me grief as I wanted them to run all the same way, which required care in constructing each pod.  Try as I might, I can’t go against my granny’s lessons on matching stripes and plaids.  I tried to lighten up all that brown with aqua quilting lines.


Another piece I finished recently also contains a lot of brown but, since I was trying to capture the feel of a western canyon, it was entirely appropriate.  And I got to play with many permutations of brown.

CanyonNow I need to find some uses for my remaining 3 yards of brown fabric.

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