The Occasional Wednesday Salon

As a sort of regular Wednesday event, I plan to feature quilt artists who have caught my eye.  I don’t want to get too formulaic.  I may stray outside the quilting world, but my intent is to focus on folks who work with fiber – the cloth/thread/yarn kind, not the kind that helps your colon.

nests framed-Chursinoff

My inaugural artist is Kirsten Chursinoff, who describes her work as textile art.  Well, that does sound better than fiber art.  Kirsten is actually trained as an artist, with a diploma in Textile Arts.  Since Kirsten is Canadian and attended Capilano College in Vancouver, I don’t know if a Canadian diploma equals a United States bachelor’s degree.  But no matter.  She comes at art from an early interest in embroidery, and her pieces are small and delicate.  I’d never create anything like this, but I do respect subtlety.

According to her website, Kirsten cuts shapes of fabric and collages them in a “crazy quilt” or “mosaic” style, to a cotton canvas base. She pieces it all together with free-motion machine embroidery.  Once the initial design is pieced together, she adds hand embroidery stitches (she is especially fond of the French knot), and couching.  She uses beads and will sometimes paint her backgrounds after doing the embroidery. Apparently she doesn’t use batting, but builds up layers to add dimension.

Here’s some shots of Kirsten’s process.

process-ChursinoffKirsten received cheesecloth speckled with paint from sister which she sewed over to create fabric used in her marine life pieces.

reverse-side-ChursinoffThe reverse side of her Vibrant Fuchsia 2 piece shows how she carries the thread from one unit to another, and the canvas backing she uses.

She seems to work in series – flowers, birds, marine life, shore life, etc., with a few non-representational pieces thrown in.  Much of her inspiration comes from the natural world.  I believe she works a lot from her own photographs.



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