Cincinnati Show Modern

Next up from the recent International Quilt Festival are photos of modern style quilts that caught my eye and camera.  These are a mix from a national exhibit and a Dresden Plate challenge by the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild.

J Rock Star

“J Rock Star,” by Victoria Findley Wolfe, is a riff on the classic diamond patterned star that skews the symmetry a bit and uses the red lines to create the diamonds.  I’m amused at how the background fabric changes directions.  I remember being admonished to choose a nondirectional fabric in such situations.

Reds-Den Plate

“Reds-Den Plate” by Janine Keeton is part of the Cincinnati guild’s Dresden Plate challenge.  I like the limited palette and the reconstruction of the block, and who could resist the punny title.

The Dresden Files

“The Dresden Files” by Kelly Biscopink, quilted by Angela Walters, is separate from the Cincinnati guild exhibit, but it also takes on that classic block. I just love the allusion to the popular fantasy series in this quilt’s title. Check out how Kelly carefully rotated the position of the colors in each plate.


The two blue arcs in “Convergence” by Latifah Saafir really make it sing to me.  I did channel my inner quilt police to note that it doesn’t hang as straight as it could, a condition in more than one of the modern quilts on exhibit.

Ripple by Dnaiel Rouse

“Ripple,” by Daniel Rouse, takes apart the drunkard’s path and remakes it into something like alien symbols.  Again, there are technical issues, possibly with the batting or with the unquilted areas. I hope you noticed it’s the first quilt in this post that doesn’t use red.

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