Circling Around

In between bouts of actually quilting some tops that have been draped forlornly over a bannister for some months, I began planning my slivered circle quilt.  A few posts ago I featured a silk table runner made with a technique Lisa O’Neill calls sliver quilting.  Originally I planned to make a version of the cover project, but got side tracked by that silk.

Now I’m ready to tackle the circles.

SliverQuilts-book-and-blocksFirst up is my fabric selection, of course.  I have two striped fabrics that I think will work well for the inserts, but for the rest have gotten tripped up by my habit of buying mostly only half yard lengths of fabric.

sliver candidates

For each complete circle I need four fabric arcs. My original plan was to construct four circles, but turn the inner arcs towards each other so it would seem as if a center circle overlapped four partial circles. To have this plan work I need at least two different fabrics – one for the central circle and one for all the partial circles. And actually I would need to make five circles since the middle one would be made from different fabric than the others. The hitch in this plan is that I don’t have enough of any fabric that works with the stripes to make twelve arcs – three arcs for each of the partial circles.

arc candidates

Of the possibilities I’ve pulled from my stash, I have enough of the cerise and the mottled yellow (which is darker than the picture shows) for two circles from each, I think.  I could get only four arcs, enough for one complete circle, out of each of the middle fabrics.  And I haven’t a clue what to use for the inner and outer sections, the non-arc bits, of each block.  Well, I’ll worry about that once I have the arcs constructed.  I might have to break down and visit a fabric store.


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2 responses to “Circling Around

  1. jennyklyon

    Visit a fabric store??? What a concept! Ooo-loving the thought of the silk circles!

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