My Stars

As I noted before, I’ve been making Amy Ellis’ Dancing Stars paper pieced pattern, which I converted for freezer paper piecing.  Twenty-five of those suckers are now done, and I think I’m done making them.  Amy’s directions say 25 stars makes up a baby quilt that’s 34 inches square, so that’s what I’ll have – once I have a baby to give the quilt to.  Oh, one other minor detail is that I’ll need to sew the blocks together, quilt and bind the resulting product.


Since I have no more of the ash gray fabric I thought of using a gender stereotypical color for the edge triangles.  But then I’ll need to know the baby’s sex.  What a great excuse to set aside this project.  Really, it’s been fine, but now that I’m efficient at making the block I’m bored with it for now.  Maybe I’ll get a second wind at a future time and make more blocks.


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3 responses to “My Stars

  1. I finally got efficient at making the suckers and then I quit. I’m hoping the right fabric for the setting triangles will come my way to inspire me to finish this.

  2. Well I have made one so far! So you are ahead of me. I am also making the baby quilt size. Just need to get at it;) I love all your stars!!

  3. Wow! You’ve done a lot and it looks great.

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