New Year, New Project

I’m going to tackle one of my quilting resolutions this month, though I started the project in December (of 2012, of course. Was there any doubt in your mind?)  Along the lines of slow food I’m going to try slow quilting.  By this I mean carefully considering a project, planning it, drawing it out, and then sewing it.  Please stop laughing.

A friend lent me Gloria Loughman’s Quilted Symphony and I’ve been itching to try her planned approach.  All the shapes are drawn on stabilizer and freezer paper, appliqued/paper pieced individually, and then sewn together.  It’s a bit similar to Vikki Pignatelli’s technique, but strikes me as less improvisational.  As you can see from the picture below, Gloria’s technique is curves friendly.

So when I came across this picture of a mosaic I thought it would be adaptable for a quilt – lots of curved lines, different textures, room for embellishment, etc.


My first step, the only one I’ve done so far, was to trace a picture of the mosaic, grid it, and then expand the drawing using a larger grid. Pre-photo copier days this was about the lowest cost method to enlarge a picture.

mosaic-gridNext, I gridded a piece of plain wrapping paper to the size I want my finished quilt to be.  Then, I carefully drew my design to the larger scale, using the positioning on my original grid.  For my next step I’ll go over my pencil lines with black marker, though I think I’ll mark the bits to be appliqued with red marker.  After that I’ll be in terra incognita as I try to create patterns from the individual pieces.  And of course I’ll have the fun of creating unique fabrics for the pieces.  I can see this will be a long term project.


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2 responses to “New Year, New Project

  1. jennyklyon

    This is very cool-I’ll be very interested in seeing what you make of this.

  2. I love the idea of “Slow Quilting.” One of my goals for this year is to come up with a stress reduction plan. Perhaps slow quilting should be part of that!

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