Pressing Matters

An iron is the unsung work horse of a quilter.  Alas, it gets no respect though it’s used in every step of making a quilt from pressing fabric yardage to making binding.  And I haven’t even mentioned fusing, setting fabric paint, or blocking a finished quilt.  Ever since my mother’s old Sunbeam iron gave up the ghost I haven’t been able to establish a long-term monogamous relationship with another iron.

Last week my Rowenta travel iron snapped (I mean that literally as the handle would no longer stay in place) and I went shopping for a replacement.  First I looked at online reviews and found very few irons have been well received.  They spit, leak, stop heating up, etc.  And many of the poorly reviewed irons were Rowentas, which are not cheap.  While I liked my travel iron, I noticed it was leaking and generally less hot than when it was new 3 years ago.

Since I had a 20% off coupon from a home goods store I decided to confine my shopping there.  One iron on their website stood out for good reviews – a Black and Decker Digital Advantage iron which was rated 4.5 stars.  And it cost $40.  Let’s see, at 20% off that comes to $32, same price as the Rowenta travel iron. Sold.

I’ve been using it for 4 days now and so far have been delighted with it.  It holds lots of water (tap water, yeah) for steam and you can see how much water is left.  You can set the steam level.  It dings to let you know when it’s reached the temperature you set it at.  It does have an auto shutoff, but that kicks in at 10 minutes.  And yes, it also dings when it shuts itself off.

So far, so good.  It’s early days for this relationship.  I’ll let you know if it continues to go smoothly.


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3 responses to “Pressing Matters

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  2. Oh, please do. I have an iron that’s great for clothes, but not so great for sewing/quilting. I don’t have the funds for a Rowenta, but I’m always afraid the cheaper ones won’t be any better than what I already have. I would appreciate your thoughts on it after you’ve had it for awhile.

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