Teeny Triangles

I like to work on two different types of projects at the same time – one that’s experimental and one that’s more defined. Why? Because I can turn to the latter when I get stuck on the former.  I just started Dancing Stars from Amy’s Creative Side with the pattern and fabric placement  already set. All I’m changing is the fabrics used.

AmysCreativeSide.com Amy uses traditional paper piecing, which means you have to rip out the paper once you’ve sewn on top of it.  I’ve decided to use freezer paper piecing, and have modified the pattern accordingly. In a previous post I described how I do this method.  I’ve also modified the size of some of the fabric pieces to use less fabric.  It took me a while to figure out why the directions called for 4 inch fabric squares when it looked like you’d need only a 2.5 by 4 inch piece.  The light dawned when I sewed my first block.  My solution was to cut fabric pieces on an angle to match the pattern.  I’m sure this makes no sense unless you’re actually making this pattern yourself.

So far I’ve chosen a background fabric – ash gray, because it’s the lightest solid I have a yard of, and about 20 or so bright fabrics for those bitty triangles.  I also have lots of solid white, so I’m good there.  The pattern can be made in several sizes, from doll quilt to queen, but I’m not sure yet what size I’ll end up with.  It will certainly be no larger than a throw.


I’ve gotten the freezer paper cut and labeled and prepped enough fabric for about 20 blocks.


Here are the four strips sewn, but not yet trimmed.


And the first block is sewn together.  Based on this first block I’ve trimmed off the seam allowance from my freezer paper so I can keep the paper on the fabric when I sew the strips together.  Otherwise, I need to remove the paper before that step.  And that affects accuracy.

Hmmm, I just tried sewing together the second block with the freezer paper on and found the results were no more accurate.  So I’ll remove the freezer papers after I sew each strip.   I’m heading back to my sewing room to dance with the stars.



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2 responses to “Teeny Triangles

  1. jennyklyon

    Lovely-makes me want to try a traditional piecing for once! Love your colors.

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