I Hereby Resolve…

Because of this blog I’m putting my quilting resolutions in writing for the first time.  It certainly seems harder than just having some vague notions.  I may regret doing this, but here goes…

In 2013 I will:

Actually use the fabric I’ve been hoarding for many years.  Here’s just some of my choices.  I think the blue one was purchased in 2006.


Figure out some way to use the African fabrics I bought at a quilt show.


At least develop a quilting plan for my big “art quilt”.  This was done at Nancy Crow’s barn in 2011 and it’s high time I moved on with it.


Continue dyeing fabric, and expand into resists.  A subset of this resolution is to use the “pretty” fabric I dyed in 2012. I’ve had no problem cutting up the ugly stuff, which actually has proved to me there is no ugly fabric, given the right context. It’s all a function of what you put it next to.  Think of the pretty girls you knew who always had a less attractive friend with them at bars, etc., to make them look even better.

yellow-orange overdye

Actually do a whole quilt in free motion quilting (I even have a top to use for this.)

Actually put zippers on my pillows.  Because I usually make quilted pillows under time constraints and have ugly memories of my ham-handedness at zipper insertion, I just do an overlap closing.  However, this tutorial makes putting a zipper in a snap, or so I’m told.

Work through a quilt from an actual photo or design rather than throwing fabric together on the design wall.  Is it cheating if I already have one in mind?

OK, that’s seven resolutions.  I think I’ll stop before I dig myself too deep a hole.

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  1. jennyklyon

    I’m impressed! You have a lot of fabulous fabric and projects to work with. One thing about having a blog….you have the ability to embarrass yourself world wide-ask me how I know!

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