Last Finish of 2012

Just under the wire, completed on December 30, comes my new part silk table runner.  Once I got the thick seams pounded down with my meat tenderizer, it all went together quickly.  Of course it helped that the quilting is minimal – just enough to hold the backing to the front.  I had planned to use flannel for the batting but ended up using fusible fleece to give body to the runner.  I do enjoy breaking the quilting rules.


Here’s the detail of the in between strips, which are made up of slivers inserted into a long strip of fabric.  Because the slivers are narrow, I didn’t sew along their individual loose edges.


Here’s two-thirds of the runner (the WordPress software seems to have cut off a bit) on the table. I find it a welcome change from the holiday themed quilt we’ve been using for the past month.  It’s amazing how dated holiday items look on the day after Christmas.  At World Market today I was cringing at all the Christmas tat, now 50% off, that probably seemed really desirable on December 24.  I especially recoiled from the set of Star Trek themed Pez dispensers.

The only post-holiday sale I’ve succumbed to is one on fabric (of course.)  My excuse is the ombre fabric I bought should work well with the sliver technique circles I have in mind.

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