Finally, One’s Finished

I’m really good at starting projects, but have been getting lax about finishing them. I have so broken my “no more than 3 unquilted tops allowed” rule. So, I’m pleased that I actually finished up a project, binding and all, this week.


This one started with an assortment of leftover half square triangles of various sizes that I sewed into blocks.  I had fun playing with the arrangement and trying to stay with mostly solid fabrics.  Then, I pulled out a photo of a wire screen from a vintage Knoll Furniture Company ad and devised a quilting scheme from it. Those clippings do come in handy.

And I got to use up some of the Washi fabric I have tons of on the back.  About that Washi – I ordered a yard each in 2 colorways, but somehow I received 2 yards of each.  The mysteries of online fabric buying.  I didn’t realize what happened until I put the stuff in the washer.  Yes, I’m of the pre-washing school.  Too late to return it at that stage.


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2 responses to “Finally, One’s Finished

  1. jennyklyon

    I really love this piece-even more impressive that you resurrected it from UFO and made it into something fabulous. I never do that myself and I really need to get over myself and take some UFO’s, cut them up and try to make something great.

    • Thanks for your kind words. My secret (oops, it’s out now) vice is keeping plastic tubs of leftover bits and pieces from projects. One tub is devoted to half square triangles, ranging in size from 1 inch to 3.5 inches. For a while I was sewing leftover triangles together as leaders and enders so I developed quite a stash. Others are remnants from snowball blocks. So, do haul out some UFOs and see if they can be repurposed. A while ago Quilting Arts magazine featured a UFO swap. Some of the results were amazing.

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