Now Showing on the Design Wall

For the past week and a half I’ve been building a strata inspired by Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison and a pattern called Painted Grass by Valori Wells from her book Simple Start, Stunning Finish.  I’m embarrassed to confess that my “design wall” consists of a cheap ($3.25) flannel backed plastic tablecloth from Big Lots that’s held onto the wall with Command Strips.  However, fabric really clings to the thin flannel, and the grid pattern that shows through from the plastic side is helpful in lining up blocks.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

I began my design with the row proportions and the angled pieces used in Valori’s pattern.  I stuck to the row proportions, but developed my own sequencing and angling of the individual pieces.  The first picture below shows the early stage of my design once I had established a general color scheme. You can see a picture of Bryce Canyon to the lower right – my inspiration for some of the colors. The next picture shows my design close to completion.  As you can see, I’ve taken liberties with the river shown in the picture of the canyon.  There are actually six rows in this piece, but I can’t back up enough to include the whole thing in a picture without moving furniture.

I have another design wall that’s smaller and useful for those little projects.   The latest Quilter’s Newsletter features a column by Pam Rocco in which she talks about trying to develop a simple half square triangle quilt.  I was inspired to play with half square triangles and rectangles from my bin of scraps.  What’s evolving bears little resemblance to Pam’s quilts, but her article was a great kick in the pants.

This quilt is not as far along as the canyon.  My plan right now is to put the blocks off center and fill in the outer areas with Kona Ash.  As you can see, I tend to compose directly on the wall, especially when I’m working with scraps.

Both of these projects are being set aside for now so I can add a hanging sleeve to a gift wall hanging and finish the hand stitching on my flowers quilt.  Of course, those quilts on the wall are a constant temptation to make just one adjustment, and then an hour passes…

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