What’s So Funny?

Often quilts are freighted with serious, heartfelt meaning – they evolve from death, illness, divorce, and planetary woes.  However, as that famous philosopher Jimmy Buffet said, “If we couldn’t laugh we’d all go insane.”

So, here’s some quilts that will help you “always look on the bright side of life” when “you’re chewing on life’s gristle.”  (Many thanks to the Pythons.)

“Lady of Colour” is by Jackie from Canada, which explains the spelling. She has a recent tutorial on 3-D flowers at C&T Publishing.  I love her use of spools for rollers.  Remember using empty beer cans as hair rollers?  Oh right, y’all weren’t even born then.

Then, there’s Janet Windsor’s “Idea of Heaven.”  More 3-D fun.

"My Idea of Heaven"by Janet Windsor. Amen.

And here Sunbonnet Sue morphs into Surfer Sue from the Land Down Under, if the architectural wonder in the background is any indication.

"Surfer Sue".  One of the finalists in Ricky Tims’s 2012 Sunbonnet Sue contest.

And still more Sunbonnet Sue, thanks to a recent Ricky Tims block contest.


And for the last chuckle, for now, here’s a scene familiar to quilters.

"Quilters Bolt". A takeoff on the Olympic Games.  Festival of Quilts 2012, photo by Viviane at ViDerTextil (Belgium).  Click to see the quotations!

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