Modern Quilting Makes Its Mark

It looks like the modern quilting contingent of the quilty world established quite a presence at the 2012 Houston quilt festival, both in the exhibit area and the classes offered.  Pink Chalk Fabric’s blog reports on modern fabric and pattern trends spotted at market.  I counted 14 classes or lectures under the Modern Quilting heading.

I like how the class program described modern quilting –

“Modern Quilting allows you to explore amazing design possibilities utilizing key concepts like asymmetry, simplicity, and improvisational piecing. Be inspired by the bold graphics and innovative use of neutrals, colors, and negative space. … The projects and techniques feature great visual impact work.”  Note there’s no mention that the product is to be functional, one of the stranger parts of the MQG definition, IMHO.

Enough words.  Let’s look at some quilts, thanks to Kati at From the Blue Chair.

1. by Stephanie Ruyle from Spontaneous Threads,
2. by Karen Anderson-Abraham of Bloomin Poppies,
3. by Krista Fleckenstein of Spotted Stones,
4. by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced,
5. by Jennifer Carlton-Baily of BettyCrockerAss,
6.  by Rossie Hutchinson
7.  by Kati of From the Blue Chair
8. by Tanya Finken from Squares and Triangles

Some of these quilts have roots in traditional quilts, while others appear to be descended more from graphic design.  I’d have to say all of them go in directions that wouldn’t usually occur in traditional quilts. Check out the remix of the drunkard’s path block and the Indian blanket look piecing in the red and orange quilt.  They also juxtapose colors in ways the pretty, pretty quilt folks might find disturbing.  I wonder what a modern version of Sunbonnet Sue would look like?

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