Texas Sized Show

The Houston, Texas, quilt market for the trade just finished up but the Houston quilt festival will be going strong through November 4. I’ll have to see what my local quilt shops purchase at market.  It looks like they have plenty of choices.  And I so wish I could attend some of the classes at the festival. Some workshops on working with silk fabric especially caught my eye as I’ve been collecting bits and bobs of silk for some years for that special piece.  I even have a vague design for it, but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

But what I wanted to feature were my favorites of the prize winning quilts this year.  As always, medallion quilts took top honors, with many of them created by Japanese quilters. And some names were familiar: Ricky Tims, Caryl Bryer Fallert and David Taylor.

Here’s the Best of Show quilt by Sherry Reynolds, which was featured on a recent Quilters Newsletter Magazine cover.  I can tell you it’s incredible paper piecing.

“Prairie Fire” by Ruth Powers won the award for Contemporary Artistry.

Here’s “A Luthier’s Dream” by Betty New that won first place in the small abstract art quilt category.

And “Cry Me A River” by Eileen Williams took third place in the Art-Naturescapes category.  I like the use of all the different techniques.  Kind of a cross between Vicki Pignatelli and Gloria Loughman’s stuff.

And Georgeta Grama of Roumania won an honorable mention in Innovative Applique with “A World of Many Colors.”

Brenda Roach was the third place winner in Innovative Pieced with “The Other Side of the Rainbow.”  I wonder if this started out as a sampler quilt?

And here’s the first place winner in Traditional Pieced by Kiyomi Takayakanagi, “Departure.”  More wonderful paper piecing, and I enjoy the checkered effect in the middle border.  And those fans!

Phew!  These quilts are daunting, as a friends puts it, and I suspect they were created expressly to win awards.  I confess that I admire the above quilts, but none really melts my heart.  You can view the rest of the 2012 winners at the International Quilt Association website.  Just remember, medallion quilts seem the way to go.

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