Crossing the International Quilt Line

Thanks to Luana Rubin of eQuilter, I can ogle quilts from many international quilt festivals.  It’s fascinating to see the types of quilts – the materials used, the quilting, the subjects chosen – created and exhibited in other countries.  Of course, some quilts are exhibited internationally. For example, some of Japan’s premier quilters are juried into major U.S. exhibits.  However, I’m more interested in the products of the talented, but not necessarily at the pinnacle, quilters abroad.

This quilt of Russian “babuskas” caught my eye with its quartet of older ladies seated outside and surrounded by chickens.  My guess is commercial fabrics were used, along with what looks like a rag rug for the background cloth.  I love the use of 3D in the leaves and the chickens.  At first glance I thought the border print was hokey, but then I decided it looks like something one of the women would choose to decorate her home.  Luana Rubin took this photo at the 2012 Moscow Quilt Exhibition.

Next up is a quilt from the 2012 Tokyo Quilt Festival.  I have no idea how the quilter made all those round fabric balls, but I love the little faces that lurk on some of the fabric.  Check out the one with the gold ruff around its kitty face, and all those yoyos on the background fabric.

TD2_655 by Luana RubinTD2_654 by Luana Rubin

And in yet another part of the globe, Australia, quilters aren’t shy about color.  This quilt by Merelyn Pearce makes every rod and cone in my eyes snap to attention.  I expect those birds to swoop into the flowers.

MerelynPearce_029 by Luana Rubin

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