SQ Loses the Snark

SQ tends to steer clear of heartwarming stories that feature quilts as the vehicle for peace, love and understanding as she finds they set off her gag reflex.  However, she was brought up short recently when a quilt of hers took on a life of its own.

Recently a relative was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.  SQ’s husband suggested that a quilt might brighten up the hospital room.  So, SQ chose a pastel quilt for DH to take with him on his hospital visit.  Now, this quilt has many technical deficiencies, but is cheerful, and if it doesn’t make it back to the mother ship (aka SQ’s big black trunk) that’s OK.  It’s also been washed a few times so its sturdiness is a known quantity.

Well, DH came home from the hospital and reported that he could pick up some commissions for SQ from the hospital staff who liked the quilt.  Then, when SQ visited the hospital, one of the nurses turned out to be a quilter, so we had a lovely chat about local quilt shops and the quilting frame her husband had built for her.  I’m sure this was mind numbing for everyone else, but we enjoyed it.

Whenever someone new came into the room, the quilt was remarked on, and it did indeed brighten up the sterile room.  Family members went on about how difficult it must have been to make.  I didn’t go into construction details but simply said anyone can make a quilt.

Currently the relative and the quilt are in hospice.  I don’t know if the relative is aware of it as she is asleep most of the time, but it does seem to cheer up all the visitors.  And that’s a good thing, given the circumstances.

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