The Tomato Bomb

Ever since I began my online fabric dyeing class I’ve been itching to try the instructor’s recipe for tomato.  I envisioned my cloth a sassy orangey red with jaunty yellow bits.  Kind of like the color of this bowl of cherry tomatoes.

Well, I have to say this dyeing session was an abject failure.  But, hey, I’m here to make the mistakes so you can avoid them.  I wish I could tell you what went wrong, but I haven’t a clue.  The dye color looked fine in my containers, and my fabric was a tomato color right after I added it to the dye bath.  However, I noticed the dye looked much lighter in the containers after 20 some hours passed.  And the lack of color was really noticeable once I rinsed my fabric.  Here’s a picture of the sorry results.

And then, I tried to make teal using the instructor’s recipe.  Well, instead I concocted a strange brown-purple. That’s on the right hand piece above.  Turns out there was an error in the recipe.  After that I was ready for some success, and the leaf green mix turned out much better than tomato and teal.  The cloth on upper part of the picture below is a re-purposed tablecloth; that on the lower part is Kona PFD cotton.  It’s strange how these fabrics take dye differently.

The color isn’t nearly as gray as the pictures make it look.
The takeaway from this experience seems to be that dyeing is an unpredictable process.  Sometimes there are happy accidents and sometimes there are bombs.

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