Free Online Classes

The SQ has made it a policy not to promote specific businesses related to quilting as she’s not blogging to sell her own products or services.  So, no mutual promotion here.  However, sometimes something good (and free) comes along the SQ wants to share with folks.

Craftsy, which offers online crafts classes, has several free mini-classes available.  Three are of potential interest to quilters – block of the month, quilt backs with Elizabeth Hartman, and sewing machine 911.  The SQ has sampled all of them and thinks for the price of registering with Craftsy (and getting e-mails from them) they’re worthwhile.  For the record, the SQ has taken three regular Craftsy courses and found them worth the money.  Wait for the half price offers.

The block of the month class lets you choose which ones you want to make (it’s now up to 9 different blocks which include Dresden plate, half square triangles, and paper piecing) and you can see all the different blocks made by people following the class.  Sewing Machine 911 is good for folks who are new to sewing machines.  Much of the advice is common sense, but there are occasional gems.  And Elizabeth Hartman’s quilt backs class lets you see and hear her in action.  She really is technique and precision oriented.  And I love her backs.

Creative Quilt Backs

I see that a free mini-class in modern buttercream is offered.  I wonder what crumb coating your layers like a professional is about? Sounds like something I used to discourage my son from doing.  I hadn’t realized there was a difference between traditional and modern buttercream.  Personally, as long as my buttercream has butter in it, I’m happy.

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