Hexed Again

Now that I’ve started on hexagons I’m seeing them everywhere.  In fact, I started a Pinterest board of my favorite discoveries.  I finished the appliqued hexagons with perle cotton and big stitches. It’s called “Where did the hexies go?” I need to steam this to remove the fold creases.

The other hexagon-like top I’ve made isn’t as far along.

I’m playing with the width of this one, and will probably made it skinnier.  “Blue Hexies” is made up of batiks and African cloth with some prints I’ve had for about 8 years thrown in.  It’s based on a pattern called “Paper Lantern” in an old (1994!) book by Sara Nephew (Easy & Elegant Quilts.)

This seems to be the year of the hexie, at least in quilt book publications.  Two new titles are just out – Hexa-go-go and Pieced Hexies: A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing.  The former book has a more “modern” feel, while the latter is geared to original designs within each hexagonal piece.  The October/November Quilters Newsletter has an article about the Pieced Hexies approach.   Both books have you use papers and lots of hand sewing.


And, finally, here’s a tutorial for a super size hexagon place mat from Spoonflower.  Wish I had thought to use flannel lining on my hexies to give them a little loft.

At my last MQG meeting a variety of methods to produce hexies were presented.  Members used plastic hexagon templates, specially made papers you tear out, specially made plastic pop out shapes, and homemade templates for appliqued hexagons.  Two members had containers full of hexagons made during TV watching.  Beats darning socks while watching “Our Miss Brooks.”  (Note: in a previous century women used to repair the worn heels of socks with darning thread and a wooden darning egg.  I still have my mother’s egg.)

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